Tribe and Hunt

Molten Hoops - Sterling Silver


Chunky Sterling Silver Hoop earrings with a lever closure.

These beauties are mid weight and easy to wear, and are approximately 2cm in length.

Our work is entirely handcrafted and will display characteristics that are unique to the handcrafting process.  These variations will not affect the durability nor quality of this piece and show that your piece of jewellery has not been mass produced on a machine, rather created by a talented craftsman entirely by hand. 




Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Love these earrings! Great quality and beautiful workmanship. Have not taken them off since I got them! A bigger size would be awesome! Thank you T&H

Annie Heydon
Silvery Pzazz

My beautiful silver earrings, from the well-known brand that has n and j in its name, fell apart within months. I replaced them with the even more beautiful Molten Hoops - Sterling Silver and the quality, workmanship, design and wearability is unsurpassed. Thank you Tribe and Hunt for producing these eminently classic earrings. I simply love them to bits.

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